the power of leadership

Today leadership is one of the most powerful skills in the workforce. I want to help you inspire and lead your team.

Helping You Lead Your Team

Do you want to be the leader you've always dreamed to be?

How to be a great leader, resilient and successful, able to lead teams in the tough times as well as the good, are qualities we all strive for. We start by showing leaders the basics to good leadership, taking them through a series of leadership training activities until they have mastered the leadership skills they need to be successful in their organisation. If you are looking to learn the secrets to successful, fulfilling leadership then we have put together the courses you need to start learning the qualities of great leadership. We all know that having a team, bound by a common purpose and goal, who work well together and are happy to be there, is crucial for success – but how do we do it? We have developed online training and courses that break down the barriers to success – fear, motivation, and self-sabotage. Our work helps you to connect with yourself and your team in a way that gets the best out of everyone. Through a series of online courses, our training focuses on understanding how a team becomes high performing, working cohesively together and engaged in common goal. Our aim is to show you how to be an authentic and resilient leader, who has the skills to lead their team to achieve their purpose together.


Conquer fear, unlock motivation, discover your authentic strengths.

Addressing your fears is first step to becoming an authentic leader. Fear is what makes someone act, pull on their persona and mask their authentic selves.


Trust builds a fulfilled, challenging, committed, accountable, purposeful team.

It starts with trust, it’s the foundation of any team and without it there is dysfunction and disengagement. 


Supporting, enabling and caring for those in your charge.

Respected leaders focus on taking care of and enabling their team to achieve their collective goals, rather than focusing on being in charge. 

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Meet Chris Rew

“Engaging”, “Authentic” and “Empathic” was good to hear when asking people to describe me. “Observant” and “Scarily insightful” made me smile! Receiving feedback like this from other makes me feel humbled and emboldened by their trust and support over the years.

As an experienced coach and coach supervisor, I am passionate about supporting and developing leaders beyond their current capacity, beyond what they currently believe to be possible.

In looking beyond day to day interactions, I like to challenge leaders to think on a bigger, grander and more long-term scale. Alongside this, I see organisational development as a deliberate strategic intervention to deliver results. I am constantly looking at new and innovative ways to improve individual, team and organisational performance.

The opportunity lies in pursuing and unleashing untapped individual leadership potential. These resources may be blocked at the individual, the team, or the organisational level.

Whatever the resistance, this is where the greatest learning lies. Enabling leaders, teams and organisations to break free from these constraints is what gets me up in the morning!

This is so relevant at the moment, that we help people understand and explore the opportunities of becoming a Resilient Leader. Finding your true, authentic self, discovering your strengths to make you a better leader for yourself and your team, is what a successful leader looks like. A resilient leader is able to create a culture of trust, productive conflict, commitment and accountability; ultimately, giving their team permission to pursue their common purpose with focus rather than fear.

Through my experiences as a coach, I have honed an experiential way of exploration, through the use of creative and innovative coaching tools. Notably our The Experiential Metaphor™ has a track record of producing long term, memorable and motivational results.

As someone recently described it, “The use of physical metaphors by Chris, really gets to the heart of the matter and enables extraordinary transformation.”