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Testimonials For Our Coaches

The experience of working with Sarah has been absolutely transformative for me, both professionally and beyond. Depending on needs, her listening approach allowed sessions to focus on specifically highlighted areas and/or more general principles of management and leadership. Her warm and caring nature builds the required trust, and her insightfulness allows sessions to quickly get to the underlying issues, and suggest pragmatic solutions. Highly recommended!
Senior Leader
I am a coach myself, and Chris is my supervisor and mentor. we have known each other and worked for more than 12 months, now. I appreciate his presence and care (he is one of the best listeners!), his rich experience and capability to help me look at things from a different perspectives; he makes me think and reflect and identify new insights and choices; he builds deep trust in no time, and so creates a context in which is feels safe to explore concerns, hopes, difficult moments. He also reminds me of my talents, of being at my best. He has helped me become a more aware, better coach. it is good to interact with a wise and caring colleague. If you are looking for a deeply experienced, caring sparring partner and coach: it is him.
I received coaching from Chris soon after I became an MD for the first time and have to say that I could not have survived the promotion without his input. He enabled me to focus on the leadership behaviours and supporting my team to deliver results far better than would have been possible otherwise. Consequently the company more than trebled in size, (in sales, profits and staff numbers) and it was a hugely rewarding experience. The entire management team received coaching and we all benefited from the input. The problem with personal development is that you don't know what you don't know about what may be holding you back - so an experienced coach (that can view your situation dispassionately) is invaluable, and an investment that will more than pay for itself.
Managing Director
Sarah is a rare individual. Her exquisite intuition, sharp insight, boundless passion and ability to navigate complex situations and networks of relationships, make her a formidable force in transforming people and organizations. I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah for over a year on evolving our organization and developing groups and individuals oriented to a common purpose. Her knowledge of next stage organizations and practical support in this area have honed and sharpened how we operate, enabling greater personal and organizational growth as well as expanding leadership consciousness. I have always been struck by her endearing style and ability to forge deep connections within complex networks, so gracefully. Sarah is invaluable to the growth journey of both people and organisations, and I give her my heartfelt recommendation.
Having spent 2 – 3 years in a leadership and management role, I had a series of coaching sessions with Chris with the aim of using my energy more efficiently and intentionally, both in my current role and with a view to potential future opportunities. I was noticing a lot of energy leakage and wasn’t finding this improve with experience; if anything, it was becoming worse. Chris and I met once every 4 – 6 weeks for 12 sessions, meeting in his office to explore both scenarios that I brought to him or program items he felt would be helpful. Program items started with a 360 review including colleagues and family members, and progressed to the Harthill Leadership Development Framework and follow-up analysis. Chris encouraged me to explore managing my energy alongside managing tasks, and to work on language, clarity and the level of detail when delegating to my team. In every case, I found there was something I could take away and apply directly or indirectly to situations at work. Clear tangible benefits were apparent as my working responsibilities increased in the second half of our time together. I found that I had both the vocabulary to articulate my intended approach to leadership and the skills to achieve against the additional demands in a way that I couldn’t have done without the benefit of our time together. I really enjoyed meeting with Chris, and throughout appreciated his insights and perceptive comments about the situations we discussed. BE, Customer Account Technical Manager
Senior Leader