The Convincer Strategy

The convincer strategy is a powerful one and is a unique way to get people to listen to your ideas. But most importantly, the real art of persuasion, is where you can understand the other’s needs and processes are.

Words that change minds is a great book that helps understanding language in how you influence others. People need to process language in a particular way. In this video I’ll help you learn the art of persuasion. This tool can help you work out what it takes for people to be convinced about anything!

Have you ever wondered how you can convince someone of your position, your product, your argument? This is a simple tool that will show you how to convince or persuade. If you want to know how to convince or become a convincer, then check out the exercise in this video. I am sure you have had the situation where you have a new initiative and you “launch it “ at your next meeting, and immediately two of your team pick up the idea and run with it, a couple are cautious about it but within a week or two have picked up on it, while a couple more, frustratingly seem to consistently be challenging and checking the validity of the concept!

So if you want to learn how to understand and influence your audience and those reporting to you in a manner that works for them, then click the link below and see the short video in full!

Key Points

  • How To Prepare Them To Listen
  • How To Understand Their Needs
  • Be clear about your language
  • Unlocking their attention
  • Understand how people process information