How To Build Effective Relationships

Build Better Relationships At Work And At Home

So today I wanted to talk to you about an amazing way of being that really can transform your relationships with anyone you encounter – both in work and at home.

Applying this approach will change the way that you interact, the way that you lead and manage performance, and will materially shift the results that you can achieve, and it is readily accessible too you. Indeed if you are a parent, you have been applying this approach for years – just not bringing it into the workplace!

Key Points

  1. Facing your leadership challenges
  2. Create a safe space to talk.
  3. Be the mirror of behaviours
  4. What I observe you doing is… or my experience of you is…
  5. Leaders aren’t psychics
  6. Adopt a position of Unconditional Positive Regard
  7. Believe that the person in front of you CAN do what you are asking of them.
  8. Make sure the meeting is “safe” and for this purpose, not an afterthought.

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