Do you want to know how to calm down a busy mind? Finding a way to instantly relax your brain to focus more on the tasks you need to do throughout the day? In this video I’m going to show you an exercise to calm a busy mind.

In today’s world we are bombarded with a lot of things, social media, advertising, noises, distractions, and challenges that end up distracting us from our goals. With this simple exercise you can stop being overwhelmed, calm your brain, and sleep better my calming down your brain.

Do you recognise that pain of having multiple leadership tasks running around your brain, and wondering how you are going to keep on top of everything? Do you ever feel, as a leader, like you are being rushed rushed from one event to another without pausing for breath? Am i serving the real purpose of the organisation or have i dropped into a cycle of repetition?

In this video I am chatting about how easy it is to be sidetracked in our priorities. While we like a tick list too often we tend to target the low hanging fruit of the quick call, quick email in favour of tackling those strategic themes or projects – which are just too big, too overwhelming right now! “I am so busy with all these calls…I will get to it soon…” If you are curious about prioritising as a leader then listen to the story of the frustrated leader in this video. I hope you find it useful.