Do you want to know how to identify a person’s unmet need? A big part of being a leader is knowing how to read the situation, and adjusting as you need to.

In this series of leadership beliefs, I want to go in depth helping you identify and observe conversations that can help you identify a person’s unmet need. Being able to understand this will help improve your communication, and clarity, helping you become a better leader. So today I wanted to talk to you about a simple idea that will transform the way you look at conflict in all areas of your life.

Applying this principle will change the way that you interact, and the way that you lead and manage relationships and so performance.

Key Points

  1. Conflict
  2. Examples
  3. Marshall Rosenberg
  4. Components of Non-Violent Communication
  5. Example
  6. Apply the process
  7. Practice identifying unmet needs
  8. Over to you.