Knowing what to do to figure out how to master leadership isn’t always easy. We are not always aware of what we do as a person to see how we are portrayed. This can be a big challenge and effect our confidence. And when confidence is lacking, the way we are portrayed as a leader can dwindle.

In this video, I am talking about being Seen as the Leader rather than feeling like the imposter in the chair! – I explore this challenging syndrome known as the imposter syndrome. Occurring in a surprising number of leaders. They seem to lack leadership confidence, and some even don’t feel they are deserving of holding a leadership position! You know from your vantage point that they are absolutely capable of being that leader but they seem to self-sabotage all the time.

If you want to establish yourself as a great leader, you need to know the 6 levels to lead your team. And the big thing is to apply these 6 levels into training yourself to practice to learn how to lead your team.