Leadership Beliefs

Decisions must come from me!

Today, I wanted to help you learn how to cultivate decision making in others! Decisions don’t always have to come from you!

One of the common laments I hear from Chief executives and managing directors is that people seem to be waiting for a decision from them to get on and do “stuff”

As someone once said to me – i have never stopped anyone from doing anything but they still seem to wait for me to say yes!! Its exhausting!

In this video you will learn of a simple approach that can change the way both you and your team approach your challenges, and accelerate your progress and results! – What are you waiting for – look forward to chatting to you soon!

Key Points

  1. Leadership Beliefs
  2. Decisions must come from me
  3. Day 1 thinking
  4. Results not Process
  5. The capabilities of a start-up, in a large organisation
  6. Day 2 thinking
  7. Disagree and Commit
  8. Find a new initiative to try it on!

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