Hi, Its Chris Rew here, and I am really looking forward to helping you become the leader you want to be

Today, I wanted to have a quick chat about Letting Go. This is a huge topic in the coaching suite and one that we encounter time and time again.

I am sure you recall a time when you have had this conversation in your head…  you have this topic, this project or task in front of you.. You know exactly how to do it and what a good job looks like… it will take you an hour to brief someone on how to do it – that feels like a waste of my time – and then they will not do as good a job as me, i mean, its not their fault – how could they – they don’t have the experience i have, and they are not aware of all the ramifications of getting this wrong will have… so I ought to delegate it… but its quicker and easier if i just do it myself now…

So do you want to learn how to let go to gain control?

In this video, I am talking about being Seen as the Leader rather than feeling like the imposter in the chair! – I explore this challenging syndrome known as the imposter syndrome. Occurring in a surprising number of leaders. They seem to lack leadership confidence, and some even don’t feel they are deserving of holding a leadership position! You know from your vantage point that they are absolutely capable of being that leader but they seem to self-sabotage all the time.

If you want to establish yourself as a great leader, you need to know the 6 levels to lead your team. And the big thing is to apply these 6 levels into training yourself to practice to learn how to lead your team.